CANTOLIO l’Opis 2017 Primitivo del Salento 2020

Deliscious Primitivo del Salento IGT. The name of the wine was taken back from the history - Opis was a king of the Messapian populace. To keep the fruityness aging took place in steel tanks. Heady ruby red, particularly intense bouquet of blackcurrant, raspberries, cinnamon and vanilla, full flavoured to the palate with soft and velvety tannicity with noted warmth balanced with acidity. Pairing: Pasta and beans, lasagne and baked pastas, sausages and beans, roast leg of pork, medium matured local cheeses. Alcohol content: 13,5%

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Price with VAT: 43,00 PLN
Price with VAT: 43,00 PLN
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