CANTOLIO Arunte Negroamaro Salento IGP 2020

Arunte is light, red wine of Salento Negroamaro IGP. It's name is a homage to the great classics of literature (Lucano and Dante) and the Etruscan soothsayer Arunte who could foretell the future by studying the flight of birds. It was aged for a few months in steel vats, then in bottles. Intense, dark ruby red color; highly perfumed with a strong, bright, red berry fruit nose. Well balanced acidity and tannins. Soft, velvety finish. Was great with grilled flat iron steak and grilled vegetables. Alc.: 13,5%.

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Price with VAT: 43,00 PLN
Price with VAT: 43,00 PLN
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