CANTOLIO 14 di Terra Primitivo di Manduria DOP 2020

The soils of the terrain inland are red, rich in potassium and iron, or black, rich in humus and clay. These plants, strictly cultivated using the bush vine technique, provide full bodied powerful wines. The bush vine is the most ancient system of cultivation still in existence, where the grapes almost touch the ground receiving its warmth and humidity as well as nutrients. This process is enhanced by the farmer with the maintenance of a ditch around the trunk. Some plants are over seventy years old yet are still vigorous and strong, giving the farmer a generous harvest of precious grapes. No one plant is the same as the other, each one is shaped and contorted by the weather, each one has its story to tell. Using the stones removed from the fields, the farmers have created kilometres of dry stone walls and the typical Trulli from this region. Full bodied ruby red with fruity and floral sensations; supple to the palate, fresh and with a subtle tannicity and good persistence of bouquet. Perfect with rich first courses, game, and cheeses with durum wheat pasta. Alcohol content: 14%

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Price with VAT: 96,00 PLN
Price with VAT: 96,00 PLN
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